Trying to Stay Positive


I’m all for being positive but some things you cannot sugar coat. Normally I get to travel around and stay in nice hotels. Well yesterday that all changed! I left this wonderful 4* hotel called the Inn On The Square.


If you are ever think of visiting the Lake District I recommend you stay there. It’s really stylish and modern and also Dog friendly.

I’m currently working in the middle of nowhere in Kendal working with the nicest people. But theres one big problem, my room! I get bad vibes and this room has beams. The room just looks scary and feels scary. Even though the bed is very uncomfortable and I have no TV I’m gonna stick it out and stay even though I’m struggling to sleep. I’ll spread my positive energy in my room and hopefully I’ll eventually have a much nicer stay. Here is my room

I have 6 nights here so let the count down begin!


Published by

Rakia C.J

23 year old freelancer that loves to travel and express myself creatively. My goal is to: Spread love, positivity and inspire others.

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