My Adventure in Lima Peru




I arrived in Lima, Peru on January 15th 2016. I was at sea for a few days so I couldn’t wait to get off and explore. I never spoke any Spanish luckily my friend from Mexico came with me which was great as she helped me so much as we had a rough start travelling around Lima.

A group of guys from work tagged along with us and as we exited the port a group of Peruvian cab drivers surrounded us. They was all talking at the same time pushing through each other trying to get our attention, saying we should go with them, it was a bit overwhelming. Me and my friend found the port guard for our ship and he took us to a safe taxi driver as he said alot of those men are opportunist and would rob you as he said that we saw the group of guys going with one of the men and we call them over to tell them its not that safe. They were complaining as to why we called them over they didn’t realise it was for there safety. We all agreed we wanted to go to a bar and one of the guys said he knows a good one so we got in the cab and arrived to this bar. Our cab driver said he will wait outside for me and my friend if we need him because he was worried for us. The guys went straight in and me and my friend slowly walked in as it had a strange vibe and looked strange. This was no place for girls! These guys came for prostitutes! These men were meant to be our work colleagues and thought it was okay to bring two young girls half there age to this “bar”. I was not happy at all and left straight away. Thankfully our cab driver waited for us he must have known.


We planned to go to a shopping mall and on the way there he was telling us our friends are no good as they almost got robbed by almost going with any cab driver and at the fact he took us to that bar. We got to the shopping mall and it was massive bigger than expected. Our lovely cab driver said he will wait while we shop. I saw McDonald’s I’ve never been so happy to see McDonald’s but I never saw it for a long while we went clothes shopping had Colombian coffee which was the best coffee. The day just got alot better we felt free because we was in our element and my friend was a shopaholic. On our way back to the ship I was looking out the window of the car and was taking in the culture and lifestyle of Peru.We tipped the cab driver because he waited for us and looking out for our safety which I am very greatful for who knows what could have happened but it was quite an adventure.


The next day my friend was port manning so I thought to go it alone. Luckily there was a coach this time to take us into the city and as I got on the coach my ship uncle was there so I wasn’t going to be alone. On the way to the city you could see the difference between the rich and the poor it changed so much as we were travelling through.



I went to another shopping mall this area look more built up and modern and I walked around to buy souvenirs because at every port I had to buy souvenirs to remind me of the place. Overall Peru is amazing and beautiful and has a lot of natural beauty. The exchange rate was great it was very cheap to do shopping and buy food. I never got to see Machu Pichu but I will return again. Peruvian people are lovely you just have to be wise and be careful of some people that will take advantage of you being a tourist.




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