Tips For Moving To Paris



I have not been posting regularly as I have recently moved to Paris to start my new job. I thought I should share some tips to make your move go smoothly and easy.


When I moved to Paris I realised I was not prepared as I didn’t have everything I needed and my French language skills are 1%. The good thing is had a place to rent only two days after I arrived which was amazing. So here are some tips for moving to Paris:


Before you worry about packing your luggage make sure you have some these Documents:

  • Before you get to Paris
  • Passport (of course)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (translated in French)
  • Bank details (bring a letter from your bank)
  • Working Visa(if you plan to work in Paris, if you are apart of the EU this is not needed)
  • Once you are in Paris
  • Rental agreement (once you are in Paris try find accomodation ASAP as you’ll need this to open up a french bank account)
  • Register for social security (do this once you are in Paris, to register you need your birth certificate,french bank account and passport)




Why make friends? Not everyone in customer service is helpful in Paris so it can be difficult and some do not speak English so you can find yourself stuck. It’s helpful to have a friend when you need advice to set up and bank account, find a job and just learning about Paris and finding your way around. If you don’t have any contacts in Paris or you don’t speak any French. Having friends is one that is needed. You can make friends with Parisians before you arrive or after but it really helps if you make good friends fast in Paris as they can guide and help you a lot.

How can you make friends before you arrive in Paris?

Online! I have never been a fan of meeting people online I’ve always been sceptical hence why I will never do online dating. But I have made friends online through the couchsurfing website. It’s not only a site to find free accommodation while you travel. You get in contact all of the world. And if your worried for your safety no need to meet them alone. You can meet up at a couchsurfingvevent. Paris has couchsurfing events everyday and it is how I met my french friends.

I also made friends at work. You may make friends others way such as renting a room with someone, attending events, going to a French language course there you will find people in the same situation as you, but if you get opportunity to make friends do so don’t be shy. Parisians are not shy!


Do not take too much luggage. Expect that accomodation is Paris is going to be a lot smaller than you are use to. Even Londoners will find it small.  Do not use the metro if you are travelling with luggage because there are no lifts and you dont want to be dragging your luggage up and downstairs.

What to bring? You will need an unlocked mobile so you can get a french sim card. You will definitely need an umbrella because it randomly rains now and then in the summer. Parisians are none for wearing scarves. If you want to fit in bring a scarf. You may want bring your favourite snacks which I didn’t do and I regretted it. You do not bring too much clothes. Why? For sure you are gonna go shopping around Paris buying clothes so no need worry about what clothes to take.

French language book. Although your phone is really helpful to learn another language I think a small french language book is very useful.


How to find accommodation? Here are some of the names of a few website I used to find accommodation; WeRoom, Roomlala, Eramasu and you can also find some through agencies but there are a lot of fees that come with that.

Pick where you want to live carefully. You can live on the outside of Paris of inside Paris. Inside of Paris is made up of arrondissements up to 20. You need to pick an area that suits you and one that is safe which important bif you are new to Paris. I can only give advice on the area’s I know. So if your looking for nice area’s in Paris I would choose 7th, 8th, 11th and 17th arrondissement as I felt very safe in these areas and they are all very pretty. The good thing about Paris is everything is close by. I know longer use the metro because I realised its just as quick to walk around Paris. So I’m saving lots more money.

That’s all on the tips for now when I stay in Paris longer I will do an update on more tips. Hope this worked. Have a wonderful day, remember to stay positive.


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