Inspiring People

Suli Breaks (Spoken Word)




A young man who inspires and motivates me and many other people. I believe he is a great role model for the younger generation. And challenges the views about society and how we live in.

Check out Suli:



Tony Robins (Motivational Speaker)

Watch Tony Robbins

Tony Robins is a motivational speaker that I listen to. He helps me achieve my goals and I find that I look at the world at myself differently after listening to him. I feel unstoppable and so motivated. He is one to listen to!


World Nate (Blogger Youtuber)


Nates World is a blogger that travels for a living. He is just living life with his girlfriend the way they want. They seem free and genuinely happy. They live the life I aspire for myself which is why I find him inspiring.

Mystic got Jokes (Youtuber)

Check out Mystics vlogs:

Mystic got jokes is a youtuber that makes me laugh. Making people laugh is a powerful gift and he has become successful from it. His videos are not for everyone but what inspires me is his vlogs. His life seems perfect but he is open about his struggles and it is inspiring to me seeing him get through them. It makes you realise everyone has problems and everyone can get through it. By staying positive and just being happy.

Drake (Rapper)


Drake is one of my favourite artists. His music is not for everyone but there are some really good motivating lines in his lyrics. He is a rapper is not degrade women that I find a lot of them do. Drake talks sense, helps with break ups and his songs also help lift you up.

These are a few people that inspire me there are plenty more. I’ll share them on another blog post.


Stay positive, theres always a way through, motivate yourself to live the life you want. Have a great day!



The Beauty of the Lake District

So I’m currently in Cumbria, the Lake District. I’ve never been to this part of England before and I honestly was surprised how beautiful England is. The views are amazing! I’m only working here for a week before I go Paris. I’m working with the nicest Chef’s in a newly renovated 4* hotel which looks so sophisticated and modern and is very popular with dog owners because all dogs are welcome.

The story of my life

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  • To get the views of this



It just makes the hard work worth it. The Lake District is a walkers paradise its also very popular with cyclists, people wanting to go on hikes, fishing, water sports there’s so much to do and so much beauty to see.


If you’re planning a trip to the UK I would recommend making a stop here.

The Big Move to Paris





I never dreamed of living in Paris but life sends you down paths you never expect to walk. I’m a chef so my job allows me to travel to the most amazing places and one of them is Paris. What brought me to Paris you may ask? It may sound cliché but it was love, a young Parisian man brought me here. We met on a beautiful Island in Tahiti and I felt it was definitely more than a holiday romance. He works in the military and at the time I worked on a cruise ship so it had to be long distance for a while. I gave up my ship life because its honestly for the young a single if you want enjoy your time on the ship. If you would like more detail on how I met my boyfriend comment and I’ll do a blog post on it.



How I did it?

Finding a job in Paris; Craigslist or through Hospitality agency

Accomodation;Weroom, Roomlala and erasmasu

Savings; you need to save enough to support yourself for the first month until you start receiving your monthly salary.

If you are not part of the EU it will not be as simple as you would obviously need to apply for a visa and flights maybe expensive depending on how far you are. If you are an international student you may find it slightly easier. If you are planning to move there I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time!

Advice? Learn as much of the French language as you can before you arrive.


But yes a man brought me to Paris, I’ll be working in the city in a brand new hotel so it is an exciting adventure in a beautiful city. Paris is beautiful in the day but during the night it really comes alive. There’s musicians where ever you go and shops restaurants, bars are full of life it just has an amazing atmosphere. It is definitely a city I recommend everyone to visit its full of culture and beauty and you really get to see why it is called the city of love. You can genuinely fall in love with city which is why so many Parisian’s are proud of there city and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Last year its no secret Paris went through a very tough time but I don’t believe you should let that stop you from coming. There security is better than ever they have soldiers walking around the city so you feel a lot safer.

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Working in Hospitality


Working in hospitality has allowed me to travel the globe. It has changed my life and has changed me and my attitude towards life for the better. When you work in hospitality I believe you create strong bonds with your colleagues that they feel like family and become life long friends. I have worked in Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Cruise ships and I would be lying if I said it was easy. Its not easy its very hard and long hours but you have the best memories and the most fun that it makes it all worth it.

My best job was when I was working everyday on a cruise ship. Most people think I’m crazy when I say I loved working everyday but I genuinely did. Ship life was the most amazing crazy experience and I would definitely do it again! The life of a cruise ship worker is so unique and would seem crazy to the rest of the world. We accept the most outrageous situations and live life to the fullest but on land the situations you find yourself in at sea just would not happen on land. A life at sea is a complete different world. If you have not heard the saying No Rice, No Power! You definitely have not worked on a cruise ship.

I have worked in Hospitality for 3 years and I get to stay in hotels for free I get my flights paid for and some companies I work for pay for all my travel expenses. That’s the luxury side of it but hard work is put in to get those privileges. So what do I do? I am a Chef! There are so many other job roles that give you this way of life and its quite an easy industry to get into because a degree is not necessary. So why is Hospitality so great?

You get to travel by working in Resorts, yachts, ships, and hotels.

You meet people from all over the world and gain knowledge about different cultures.

You become open minded and more accepting.

You make life long friends.

You will always have exciting stories to tell and amazing memories.

You get great work benefits such discount on hotel rooms, restsurants.

Fun parties, great social life.

The picture below is from Tahiti is one of the beautiful places I got to travel and is where I met my boyfriend. ☺ You do also find love working in Hospitality! ❤




A Life in London vs A Life Travelling



I lived in London almost 21 years of my life, I literally thought I was living in one of the best cities in the world. Everything is easy access in London, you don’t need to travel far to a fancy restaurant or a good night out its all on your doorstep. I didn’t know any better way of living life I thought this was the life! After my 21st birthday I wanted  a change. I had set a goal for myself on my 18th birthday that I would travel around South America when I turned 21. So I decided I had to make it happen. But only one problem, MONEY! Saving money in London is really hard unless you have a decent salary that is paying you over 2.5k a year.

I decided I will have to work to get myself to South America. So I applied to work as a chef on a cruise ship and a week later I got a contract and in a month I was off, my adventure began. I did a world tour, I eventually got South America in December 2015 I was travelling around South America for a month. It was amazing! Travelled through the amazon, I got to see Pink Dolphins! My whole experience was life changing. Even though I had to work really hard travelling around the world I would trade my life in London to be able to travel. Its the best education and life experience you can give yourself. The life in London was not so great anymore. I knew there was other cities and countries that would give me a better, happier way of living life.



Living in London


  • You will always find work easily
  • Everything you need is local
  • Great transport services
  • Great for a social life
  • Events on everyday


  • Expensive accommodation for small space
  • Expensive to have a car or to use public transport
  • Having a great night out comes at a cost
  • Not so friendly people
  • Not a lot of sunshine
  • Pollution
  • The weather is not so great which probably contributes to the unfriendly vibe





  • It can be educational and spiritual
  • Most of the countries are cheaper compared to London
  • Cheaper transportation
  • Get to see natural beauty
  • Friendly locals
  • Get to meet other travellers
  • You’ll make life long friends from around the world
  • It will change your life and keep you open minded


  • Not every place is safe
  • You need to save a couple of thousands to travel
  • You will miss friends and family a lot
  • Not every country will have your favourite food or snacks

I have not decided where I would like to live permanently but since coming off the ship I have not returned to live in London and I probably never will. I am currently packing to live in the French Alps for 3 months.