Being Creative with Homemade Food

Working in a kitchen I’ve always been told “People eat with their eyes” even though that may be an obvious statement the meaning behind that is, if it looks good people will want to eat it.


Pasta Bolognese

A simple dish that a lot of you would have cooked at home. It’s always a good thing to take pride in whatever you love doing. Taking time to be creative and giving your food a nice presentation makes your food look even more delicious.

Pasta Bolognese is something I make regularly and its easy just to pile it on the plate and eat it. But I wanted to be creative and have fun. I’m not going to write up a recipe as it’s a easy dish that is really quick to make. Here is how I created my presentation:

Drops of tomato sauce around the plate also sprinkle fine herbs



Position pasta in the middle


Add the Bolognese and all thats missing its a bit of green on top Basil Leaf would be perfect!



Salads are healthy and nutritious but I find some salads can look boring. Too liven up your salads all you need is colour. I just cut a red bell pepper and cut lines out of it to give a nice design and put it on top of my salad which makes it stand out!




London to Paris



Recently I have moved to Paris with a very tight budget I’m surprised I pulled it off. If you have lived in London you will find that Paris is quite cheap compared to London so it is possible moving out there with a tight budget.


I found my accommodation with eramasu. In Paris the rent and deposit for a studio flat cost me £850. In London it would have cost me £1400 for rent and deposit. This may not the average pricing but this is what it cost me.



Today in Paris I bought a weekend deal where I can travel on the metro all day for €3.85. I was very impressed because for a day pass in London it would have cost me £8. For a week pass in Paris its about €20 and in London £37.


Food shopping in Paris is very different compared to London. In London we have big supermarkets that are local such as Asda, Tesco, Co-op and Morrison’s and I found that very handy as it has everything you need. Paris does have supermarkets but they are independent stores and some are not close by so you can’t always go round the corner and buy everything you need. What is nice about Paris is that you have the individual food stores next too each other which is rare to find in London only in markets. Where I live in Paris there is a Cheese shop next to that is a Fruit and Veg shop and a Meat shop also next door. They are all local produce.


Enter a caption

I’m not completely settled in Paris as there are afew things I need to do such as; get a french bank account, get a navigo pass, register to local doctors and learn to speak french. I’m going to challenge myself to speak fluent french in 3months. I’ll make update about that, however so far so good a lot of people speak English which is helpful, the weather is not so great but the city is still beautiful and the Parisian’s are friendly.