Leaving the Beautiful Lake District

20160604_152116I have had a good experience of working in the Lake District and also a not so great experience. But no one can take away its natural beauty. I stayed in Keswick and Kendal and the landscape is just amazing to look at. I’ll share a few pictures I took during my stay.



On my previous post ‘Trying to Stay Positive’ you will read that my accommodation was not great at all and I couldn’t wait to leave. Well I have excellent news and the countdown has finished and I can finally leave. My positive mindset kept me going and I’m very happy I managed to stay. The people I was working with also helped as they were very friendly and welcoming. Overall I had an amazing challenging experience at the Lake District.


The Beauty of the Lake District

So I’m currently in Cumbria, the Lake District. I’ve never been to this part of England before and I honestly was surprised how beautiful England is. The views are amazing! I’m only working here for a week before I go Paris. I’m working with the nicest Chef’s in a newly renovated 4* hotel which looks so sophisticated and modern and is very popular with dog owners because all dogs are welcome.

The story of my life

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It just makes the hard work worth it. The Lake District is a walkers paradise its also very popular with cyclists, people wanting to go on hikes, fishing, water sports there’s so much to do and so much beauty to see.


If you’re planning a trip to the UK I would recommend making a stop here.