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We spend a lot of our time protecting our heart. Only showing love and kindness to those in our “circle”. We are beings that are made to love and connect with others around us. It does not hurt to show kindness, or to be empathetic to those that are having a bad day. A small act of love and kindness goes a long way. I believe it has a domino effect and spreads like wildfire, because love and compassion is infectious.


Don’t Get Lost In The Dark

Don’t get lost in the dark, no one will find you. If you have found yourself already their, only you can get yourself out. Find a tiny light and follow it until it gets brighter and brighter.

I recently started posted videos on my Youtube channel. Would appreciate if you could take a look.



The beginning of a path to a success begins with your mindset. Ever heard of the law of attraction? I can tell you that it is real, and there are so many successful people that are living proof of it. It all starts with getting the right mindset.

A lot of us struggle with motivation, self love, overcoming fear, staying positive, making things a natural habit, and finding out what you want to do in life. All these things blocking your path to success. A change of mindset can help eliminate any walls blocking your path.

We all have a precious gift, life. Life is a beautiful gift and you are in control of it, we are able to live the life we want to live. I’m sure we can agree it is not that simple so lets start small.


I’m guilty of having a browse on my phone until I’m ready to fall asleep. The best thing you can do for yourself is listen to motivational speakers before going to sleep. Or tell yourself and believe you’re going to have a good day at work no matter what life throws at you.

The goal is to prepare yourself for a good day and think positive thoughts. Most likely if you go to sleep with happy thoughts you’ll wake up with happy thoughts.


The hardest challenge for me when waking up in the morning is getting out of my bed. I have resolved that issue by having my alarm far away from my bed so that I am forced to get out of bed.

Exercise is the key to removing the negative thoughts. I’m not saying you need to go out for a morning run early hours of the morning. A 20 minute work out in your home is enough to get your blood circulating.

How does exercise help with a positive mindset ? When you exercise your body produces endorphins. You start to feel good about yourself. It creates a happy feeling, the endorphins gives you this positive energy. I’m no fitness pro but whenever I exercise my self-esteem goes up and I get a positive outlook on life.


Lack of motivation can slow us down from doing the things we want a need to do. Make a habit or writing down tasks you need to do. Make a habit of writing goals you want to achieve. Place your list of tasks and goals in a place where you will see it everyday. The best place for me is the fridge as I’m always eating.

Make a habit of spending less time with people that bring you down, complain everyday. Run away from the soul suckers as they have you feeling empty inside and they don’t contribute anything positive to your life.

Make a habit of surrounding yourself with the people that inspire you, make you happy and respect you. Energies are contagious so make the habit to spend time with people with a positive energy.

A quote that helped me make the right choices when making friends. “You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.”_ Jim Rohn


An hour a day doesn’t seem like much but a lot of people struggle to get an hour just for themselves. Getting to know yourself is important. There was a stage where I did not know myself, you end up feeling lost. Spend an hour a day discovering your passions, talents or working towards your goals. Your hour could consist of painting, writing, going for walks in the park, learning a different language, pretty much anything you want to do. It doesn’t even have to be an hour it could be shorter of longer. The point is to make time for yourself.

When you start spending an hour a day getting to know yourself. It leads to self love and once you find self love. Naturally you are just happy.


What does success mean to you? Everyone has there own idea of what success is. It could be to spend more time with your family. Maybe travelling the world and being financially free. Success can be a lot of things. Once you put into practice all of the above, the quote “live the life you want to live” doesn’t seem so hard anymore. A positive mindset opens your eyes and makes you see that dreams can be your reality.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great day 🙂

The Big Move to Paris





I never dreamed of living in Paris but life sends you down paths you never expect to walk. I’m a chef so my job allows me to travel to the most amazing places and one of them is Paris. What brought me to Paris you may ask? It may sound clichĂ© but it was love, a young Parisian man brought me here. We met on a beautiful Island in Tahiti and I felt it was definitely more than a holiday romance. He works in the military and at the time I worked on a cruise ship so it had to be long distance for a while. I gave up my ship life because its honestly for the young a single if you want enjoy your time on the ship. If you would like more detail on how I met my boyfriend comment and I’ll do a blog post on it.



How I did it?

Finding a job in Paris; Craigslist or through Hospitality agency

Accomodation;Weroom, Roomlala and erasmasu

Savings; you need to save enough to support yourself for the first month until you start receiving your monthly salary.

If you are not part of the EU it will not be as simple as you would obviously need to apply for a visa and flights maybe expensive depending on how far you are. If you are an international student you may find it slightly easier. If you are planning to move there I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time!

Advice? Learn as much of the French language as you can before you arrive.


But yes a man brought me to Paris, I’ll be working in the city in a brand new hotel so it is an exciting adventure in a beautiful city. Paris is beautiful in the day but during the night it really comes alive. There’s musicians where ever you go and shops restaurants, bars are full of life it just has an amazing atmosphere. It is definitely a city I recommend everyone to visit its full of culture and beauty and you really get to see why it is called the city of love. You can genuinely fall in love with city which is why so many Parisian’s are proud of there city and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Last year its no secret Paris went through a very tough time but I don’t believe you should let that stop you from coming. There security is better than ever they have soldiers walking around the city so you feel a lot safer.

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