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Inspiration From Within


Montmartre, Paris

Most of the time we search for inspiration. We listen and look for someone or something to motivate us. What we need to realise is that our mind is very powerful. I believe the saying “anything you put your mind to, you can achieve” we need to believe in ourselves and make our dreams and aspirations real.

I have a creative mind and sometimes I get visions of creative work, but I never act on it and soon forget about it. A few days ago I had a vision of an art piece and I decided to draw it out roughly so I would not forget. That very same day I bought everything I needed to create what I had visioned and I made it happen. This idea came from me. I inspired myself, I made what I visioned happen. You get a feeling of success it may be a small thing but the feeling was greater!

I want to inspire you to search within. Inspire yourself and make dreams happen. Write small goals for yourself, give yourself a realistic time frame and aim to achieve these goals. Once you have got in the habit of goal setting. It’s time to think BIG! Make the big dreams and aspirations happen.

This website was a dream of mine. It may not be near finished to how I want it but I’m working towards it and making it happen. Always take action straight away, no dream is too big if you put your mind to it. The mind is more powerful than you believe.

Have a great week. Remember to stay positive!😀

Inspiring People

Suli Breaks (Spoken Word)




A young man who inspires and motivates me and many other people. I believe he is a great role model for the younger generation. And challenges the views about society and how we live in.

Check out Suli:



Tony Robins (Motivational Speaker)

Watch Tony Robbins

Tony Robins is a motivational speaker that I listen to. He helps me achieve my goals and I find that I look at the world at myself differently after listening to him. I feel unstoppable and so motivated. He is one to listen to!


World Nate (Blogger Youtuber)


Nates World is a blogger that travels for a living. He is just living life with his girlfriend the way they want. They seem free and genuinely happy. They live the life I aspire for myself which is why I find him inspiring.

Mystic got Jokes (Youtuber)

Check out Mystics vlogs:

Mystic got jokes is a youtuber that makes me laugh. Making people laugh is a powerful gift and he has become successful from it. His videos are not for everyone but what inspires me is his vlogs. His life seems perfect but he is open about his struggles and it is inspiring to me seeing him get through them. It makes you realise everyone has problems and everyone can get through it. By staying positive and just being happy.

Drake (Rapper)


Drake is one of my favourite artists. His music is not for everyone but there are some really good motivating lines in his lyrics. He is a rapper is not degrade women that I find a lot of them do. Drake talks sense, helps with break ups and his songs also help lift you up.

These are a few people that inspire me there are plenty more. I’ll share them on another blog post.


Stay positive, theres always a way through, motivate yourself to live the life you want. Have a great day!